Green Waste

Often green waste items such as hedge trimmings, dead perennial plants, tree branches and leaves are viewed as something that should be disposed of and taken down to the tip. With the exception of the roots of pernicious perennial weeds and diseased plant material, we believe that this 'waste' is best converted into a valuable resource for the gardener, and made into compost to build soil fertility or used as mulch to keep down the weeds and retain soil moisture within beds and borders. Composting and mulching has benefits for wildlife too, increasing the activity of soil invertebrates, many of which can be an important food source for garden birds. Compost heaps, if accessible, can also provide much needed shelter for hibernating hedgehogs. Despite the many advantages of composting, however, many keen gardeners seem to prefer exporting nutrients to the tip and then buying fertiliser rather than recycling this valuable material within their gardens. While Limewood Landscapes hold a waste carrier's licence and are able to remove green waste (for composting at an external site) if required by the client, it is often both more cost effective and beneficial for the client's garden to shred and re-use the material. We use a high capacity petrol shredder that is still small enough to be wheeled into back gardens to quickly process large piles of green waste into a valuable material. We are also able to advise on composting and install composting areas.